Find Your Momentum Radio Ep. 9 - 10 Steps to a 10K Month

Find Your Momentum Radio – Episode 9 – 10 Steps to a $10,000 Month

This Week’s Episode:¬†“10 Steps to a $10,000 Month” with¬†Janet Fish, the Breakaway Business Growth and Sales Expert

Janet Fish, the reformed corporate executive turned Breakaway Business Growth expert, shares her 10 Step System to a $10,000 month on this week’s Find Your Momentum Radio.

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What did we discuss this episode?

  • The key transition points in a transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship.
  • What to do when you’re just starting in business.
  • The absolute MUST DO when it comes to growing a business at any level.
  • How to build a relationship with coaches and mentors to create success.

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