Expert Momentum - Powerpoint Dos and Don'ts

Expert Momentum with Ken Course – Episode 11 – Powerpoint Dos and Don’ts

Your presentation (we’ll call it Powerpoint for this conversation) can either be helping you or hurting you during a presentation. Today I’ll talk about some of the most important things you should have, what you should delete, and the structure of a powerful and influential presentation.


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Ken Course

Ken Course is known internationally for his high energy, experiential, and interactive presentations that create momentum in lives and businesses.‚Äč He is the founder of Explore Momentum and On Course Marketing, where his Your Momentum Now Community provides small businesses with the resources and connections to create and launch their client-attracting programs. Ken consults and coaches companies worldwide in various industries including speaking, live events, digital marketing, real estate, nutritional supplements, direct sales, and many others.