Find Your Momentum Radio #11 - What Your Database Does

Find Your Momentum Radio – Episode 11 – What Your Database Does

This Week’s Episode: “What Your Database Does” and a Special Interview with Nina Daya of cureSMA

The most important success factor in business is follow-up.  Your database is how your follow-up gets created, systematized, and automated.  Is your database working for you or against you?  Find out with Ken Course on this week’s episode!

In addition, for our charitable segment we interviewed Nina Daya of cureSMA.  They have a fantastic way for you to give back here in the Sacramento area with the cureSMA Walk and Roll.  All the details below:

Register for the Walk and Roll on October 17th here!
9:00 AM
William Land Regional Park

What did we discuss this episode?

  • The three most important functions of your database.
  • How your database related directly to your client relationships.
  • Why some people in “relationships” are disconnected from their follow-up system.
  • Four questions to ask after every marketing action.

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