The Most Important Hour of Your Week - Developing the Leader Within You
The Most Important Hour of Your Week

The Most Important Hour of Your Week – Developing the Leader Within You

In a survey of over 15,000 job seekers, over 50% of participants wanted to leave their role in the next 12 months because they didn’t trust their boss.

As a small business, regardless of your industry, it’s your livelihood to get your customers and your team to trust you in order to follow your lead.

Your ability to lead and build trust will determine whether or not you survive.

These skills are also among the hardest to measure, because they show up in your flexibility, your ability to transform, and your ability to see the road ahead – and often get buried behind the pursuit of results.

Developing the Leader Within You

Developing the Leader Within You

During this week’s most important hour, it’s critical to ask yourself what are you doing this week to be a better leader?

You may have your own definition or association with the word “leader,” I’m going to provide one for the questions and the path ahead.

A leader:

a)  Gets others to buy into their vision of the future.
b)  Does what they say they will do.

Most other definitions, especially in the business world, tends to move further into skills and productivity, which are important to quantify in your business – but typically don’t make you a better LEADER.

What will you change about the world?

A great leader sees something about the world that they want to change.

The scope of this problem or change is completely dependent on your unique vision of the world and how you communicate it to your team and customers.

It doesn’t matter how the outside world perceives this problem – important or trivial – what matters is your investment in that change.

How do you find out what that problem is for you…regardless of HOW you solve it?

Plus, HOW you solve problems will change throughout the life of your business.

To start, complete this sentence:

“The world would be much better if people…”

Some examples from leaders I’ve worked with over the years:

“The world would be much better if people…

…knew that they could make all the money they wanted.”

…were healthier.”

…could communicate more effectively.”

…showed how much they care about others.”

How will you create that change?

What’s the answer to this question for you?

Once you have it and communicate it simply, it becomes far easier to get others to join you in your vision.  OF COURSE there are others that want to see the change that you want to see in the world and many will even BUY their way into it.

From there….

What are you going to do to create that change?

Skills, training, education, and mentors are all incredibly important tools to get you there…

But the most IMPORTANT tool is experience.

The most unique thing that you can provide to others is your particular story, experience, and journey to identify that problem.

Developing the leader in you is gaining more experience in an area, not more skill.

In business, it’s a product or a service that creates that change.

Both avenues are equally worthwhile – but they make the world better in a measurable way.

Your customers have more of something good and less of something bad.

As others see your conviction in your willingness to come up with creative solutions AND do what you say you’re going to do – your business will grow both internally and externally.

Internally, your teammates will WANT to work harder for you because they understand WHY they’re doing what they’re doing and not just HOW. Thus, growing your how much your business can produce and fulfill.

Externally, your focus is much clearer because it’s obvious how you’re going to change the lives of your customers. Therefore, growing how much your business is selling.

You need both to grow together in order to keep your business sustainable and thriving.

Your plan is the mechanism for both aspects of leadership.

Every part of your plan, whether for a day or a year, must respond to both of the leadership qualities, which again are – gets others to buy into their vision of the future.
and does what they say they will do.

Everything you do is designed to move you one step closer to changing the problem you identified and getting others to buy in it.

The more that you do to move things forward, the more you inspire others with your experience.

If you’re doing things that:

  • Aren’t moving you closer to the changing the problem you care about most.
  • You don’t ever intend to complete.
  • You can’t connect to your best leadership abilities.

It’s time to STOP doing them and redirect your (and your team’s) focus on what really matters in your vision.

Actions for this week’s hour:

  • Answer the first leadership question, even if it’s just PERSONALLY and has nothing to do with your business.  “The world would be much better if people…”
  • Look at your planned actions for the week.  Are they moving you a step closer to solving that problem?
  • Commit only to things you know you are actually doing to do in a measurable amount of time.  Ask yourself the important question for every action – “by when?”

As always, the team at Explore Momentum is here to help.  Stuck on the questions?  Need some more clarity?

Use the comments below to get some help!

Also – don’t hesitate to share this with the other amazing leaders and teammates in your life.  You’ll be amazed at what you discover!

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