The Truth Behind Your Relationship with Food with Jodi Wheatley

Is your relationship to food ruling your life?

Join nutritionist and health expert, Jodi Wheatley, where she'll share how your relationship to food is dictating your life - positively or negatively.  From there, she'll cover some some simple steps to adjust your relationship which will create change in ALL areas of your life.


Jodi Wheatley

Jodi Wheatley empowers individuals to transform their relationship with food by overcoming codependency, the blame game, and the perfectionistic and futuristic mentality.  She is a dietitian/nutritionist with a masters degree in nutrition.


  • Understanding your current relationship to food and what it means.
  • Discovering how beliefs and patterns in your own life affect your eating, including false beliefs and where they start.
  • How to create new patterns and solidify new beliefs that you can live with for life.

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