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Karen Strauss

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What Kind of Publishing is Right for You with Karen Strauss

Karen Strauss joins Ken Course to discuss whether a book is still a good choice in the current "digital age." Do you still need a book? What's the best way to get it done quickly? Where do you start? What's the best way to go about publishing when you do get it done. Karen answers all this and more on this session!

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Ken Course

Ken Course has trained, coached, and worked with THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs world-wide on their marketing, sales, and business growth.

From brand new businesses to multi-million dollar launches, Ken has the experience and expertise to help your business grow.

Ken has shared stages, launched programs, and worked with some of the most successful business experts in the world, including leading figures as Kevin Harrington (of TV's Shark Tank), Rick Frishman (founder of Author 101 University), Mike Koenigs (founder of Traffic Geyser), Les Brown (Motivational Legend), and many more.

Most of all, Ken can relate his 10+ years of experience on customer acquisition to businesses at all levels.

Karen Strauss

Karen Strauss has worked in the publishing industry for more than 30 years.  Add in her team and you've got a combined 65 years of experience.

She’s the founder of Strauss Consultants, Inc., an independent group founded in 1991 that works with small publishers, organizations and authors in the U.S. and abroad to help maximize sales potential and meet distribution needs. Karen also founded Hybrid Global Publishing, supplying publishing and marketing services for brands, organizations, and individual authors.

Jackie Lapin

Jackie Lapin is a transformational speaker and master connector who helps experts and speakers worldwide fill their calendar with live events, radio interviews, podcasts, summits, and highly valuable partnerships.  Her company, Speakertunity, provides fresh opportunities every week for transformational speakers to find networks that are a fit for them.

Kim Eagles

Kim Eagles is the author of "Release the Clutter" and is a Chronic Disorganization Specialist, Theta Healing Practitioner, and Emotional Fitness Coach.  By helping you remove the unnecessary clutter in your life, Kim creates calm in an otherwise fast-paced world.  Kim is also the leader of the "Camp Exhale Women's Retreat" to give busy women the space to dream, release, and breathe.

Josh David Social

Joshua David is a powerful transformation and lifestyle coach, as well as a highly-demanded motivational speaker.  Whether drawing on his experience as an athlete, a celebrated military professional, or a dedicated husband, Josh specializes in helping you find and KEEP your dreams alive in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

McLean Taylor

McLean Taylor is an authentic leadership expert and helps communities and business owners master communication, sales, and relationships. He is a bestselling author, accomplished speaker, and sought after coach and trainer in the personal and business development industry.

Cristina Dior Social

Cristina Dior devotes herself to helping people along their journey of transformative healing and personal growth.  As the author of "The Healing Wound," she has spent years using her own life experience to help others heal from addiction, abuse, anxiety, and many other issues. She specializes in helping her clients discover courage, self-reflection, compassion, accountability, and acceptance.

Lindsey Post

Lindsey Post has been the creative and organizational foundation behind multi-million dollar products. 

Her creative take on systems, process, and operations has helped grow product lines in multiple industries.

In addition to her product knowledge, her marketing skills have helped grow brand awareness, improve customer acquisition, launch e-commerce platforms, and keep customers for the long term.

As your business grows, Lindsey's knowledge of planning, product, and marketing strategies will help you take your physical or information products to the marketplace.

Debbie Peck

Debbie Peck creates digital transformations through advanced social media and marketing strategies for her clients.  As the founder of Debbie Peck Digital, she works with clients worldwide to improve their reach and generate more leads and customers.

Diane Hansen

Diane Dye Hansen is a Business Transition and Crisis Management Expert who coaches and leads businesses through difficult challenges via coaching and consulting.  She is the creator of "Crappertunity" and a life-long learner who is currently developing her business trasnformation theory for the University of Southern California.

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