Where have you been, Explore Momentum? Have you missed me?
Momentum Road

Where have you been, Explore Momentum?

So…what gives?

Last year, Explore Momentum was rocking and rolling. I was doing a radio show each week. I was set to launch two new products. I had recently completed a live training and was scheduling two more.

And just like that…my grandmother passed away and all goes dark on Explore Momentum.

Colgan Family and Mom

Colgan family making funny faces.

Kathleen Course

The amazing and talented Kathleen Course – my paternal grandmother.

Now here I am – two funerals, a move, a shift in my business model, and an ongoing lawsuit since then – looking to the future.¬†Anyone that knows me personally realizes that I’m very open about what’s going on in my life.

So much so that I KNEW if I continued to do my show and pursue my “public” life – that I might say too much about what was going on in my “private” life.

While I will ALWAYS be that way – fully transparent – I knew it wasn’t going to serve my ambitions for Explore Momentum at that exact moment.

Explore Momentum is about YOU.

It’s about what you can do to live your most fulfilling, productive, and successful life.

It’s about taking strategies that I use, my thousands of coaching clients used, my consulting clients use – and pointing directly to WHAT WORKS.

I have been passionate about marketing, technology, and the web since I started building websites at 15 years old. Digital marketing has been a focus because it’s what I’m doing even when I’m not speaking or training.

If I’m not doing it for companies, consulting clients, or myself – I’m reading about it. I’m researching it. I’m getting Digital Marketer certifications (8 in 3 weeks, because I’m crazy like that).

I’ve been on a self-development journey since the day I was born – but particularly over the past 10 years. I explore creativity in so many forms and fashions ranging from writing to music to acting to improv to whatever else I can get my hands on.

“Lead, Create, Explore, Love” is a mantra that I take very seriously.

It took a long time to even come up with those specific words because I wanted them to be right.

And I knew given everything going on in my life, I couldn’t deliver the way I wanted.

Instead, I have spent this time focused on delivering for consulting clients across a variety of industries unrelated to what I was doing before. This has given me NEW learning, teaching, and insight to deliver to you.

This time was valuable for me and I KNOW it will be much more valuable for those of you who wondered what was happening.

Explore Momentum has always been alive for me – and now it will be alive again for you.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve explored over this past year with all of you.